Presently, there isn’t over seven days left to begin Pakistan Super League 2019. Pakistan Cricket Board propelled the PSL establishment in 2015. Presently, it will begin the fourth season as PSL 2019. In any case, PCB ended the concurrence with Schon Properties, the proprietor of Multan Sultan. On 14 November 2018, HBL Pakistan turned into an accomplice of PSL for the following three years up to 2021. On 21 December the telecom rights were given over to Blitz Advertising. Barrage Advertising is going to cover the PSL for the following three years against $36 million. Along these lines, PCB earned 358% higher sum when contrasted with the past.

Feb 14 (Thursday)Opening Ceremony/Match 1Islamabad VS LahoreDubai
Feb 15 (Friday)2 + 3Multan VS KarachiPeshawar Vs QuettaDubai
Feb 16 (Saturday)4 + 5Islamabad VS MultanLahore VS KarachiDubai
Feb 17 (Sunday)6 + 7Islamabad VS QuettaPeshawar VS LahoreDubai
Feb 20 (Wednesday)8Quetta VS MultanSharjah
Feb 21 (Thursday)9Peshawar VS KarachiSharjah
Feb 22 (Friday10 + 11Multan VS LahoreIslamabad VS PeshawarSharjah
Feb 23 (Saturday)12 + 13Quetta VS LahoreIslamabad VS KarachiSharjah
Feb 24 (Sunday)14 + 15Peshawar VS MultanQuetta VS KarachiSharjah
Feb 26 (Tuesday)16Multan VS IslamabadDubai
Feb 27 (Wednesday)17 + 18Lahore Vs QuettaKarachi VS IslamabadDubai
Feb 28 (Thursday)19 + 20Multan VS PeshawarKarachi VS LahoreDubai
March 1 (Friday)21 + 22Peshawar VS IslamabadMultan VS QuettaDubai
March 4 (Monday)23 + 24Quetta VS PeshawarKarachi VS MultanAbu Dhabi
March 5 (Tuesday)25 + 26Lahore VS PeshawarQuetta VS IslamabadAbu Dhabi
March 7 (Thursday)27Karachi VS PeshawarKarachi
March 9 (Saturday)28Lahore VS IslamabadLahore
March 10 (Sunday)29 + 30Karachi VS QuettaLahore VS MultanKarachi, Lahore
March 12 (Tuesday)PSL 2019 Eliminator 1 (3 VS 4)TBALahore
March 13 (Wednesday)PSL 2019 Qualifier (1 VS 2)TBAKarachi
March 15 (Friday)PSL 2019 Eliminator 2TBAKarachi
March 17 (Sunday)PSL 2019 FinalTBAKarachi

Conspicuous Dates Of PSL 4 Schedule

February 14 – 2019 The PSL competition will be begun in Dubai, UAE. There will be an opening service pursued by the opening match. Lahore Qalandars will endeavor to go up against the Islamabad United, the shielding champion group. In the UAE leg of the PSL competitions, matches will be played in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai.

Around the same time, the delightful opening service will occur with the execution of a couple of greatest names on the planet and Pakistani cinema. The Renowned American Pop Star Armando Christian Pitbull will feature the radiant opening service. Pitbull as well as Junoon and Boney M, the hero will perform to engage the visitors in the PSL opening service. So different stars from Pakistan incorporate Young Desi, Fawad Khan, Aima Baig and Shuja Haider to engage the visitors.

Walk 7, 2019: The PSL scenes in the UAE will end, and Pakistan will be the host of 8 coordinates in whatever remains of the arrangement with 3: 5 for Lahore and Karachi separately. Karachi will have for the last match encompassed by Pakistani group in the larger part

Opening Ceremony: 7:00 PM (UAE Time) 8:00 PM Pakistan Time

Opening Match: 9:00 PM (UAE Time) 10:00 PM Pakistan Time

Day Matches in UAE: 3:30 PM (UAE Time) 4:30 PM Pakistan Time

Night Matches in UAE: 8:00 PM (UAE Time) 9:00 PM Pakistan Time

Single-headers in UAE: 8:00 PM (UAE Time) 9:00 PM Pakistan Time

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